Troubleshooting: Resizing your background

Serif Software > CraftArtist
Applies to: CraftArtist 2 (build

CraftArtist 2 had a design change from CraftArtist 1 which meant that, by default, when a background is dragged onto your page, it will not automatically resize to cover the whole page.

To resolve this issue, the background can be either physically resized (Workaround 1) or made to automatically scale to the page size by upgrading to Craft Artist 2.0.1 (Workaround 2).

Workaround 1
  1. On the Layers tab, expand the Background layer by clicking the right arrow. 


  2. Select the background image, called "(Picture)".

  3. On the page, the background will now show selection handles. Drag any corner handle to resize, then optionally reposition the background by selecting it and dragging it around your page.

Workaround 2

Download the CraftArtist 2.0.1 Update. Behaviour will be reverted to automatically resize your background to always fit your page size.