FAQ - Where are Digikits kept on my computer?

Serif Software > CraftArtist
Applies to: CraftArtist 1 and above.

When you download and then install your Digikits from DaisyTrail, they should automatically be detected by the CraftArtist software. However, should you wish to locate the kits yourself, here are the default installation paths.
  • Individual kits from DaisyTrail: C:\Program Files\Serif\DaisyTrail\{Designer Name}\Packs\
  • Individual PhotoProjects Digikits: C:\Program Files\Serif\DaisyTrail\PhotoProjects\Packs\
  • Free Kits from DaisyTrail: C:\Program Files\Serif\DaisyTrail\FreeKits4DT\Packs\
  • Digikit Collections: C:\Program Files\Serif\CraftArtist\{Collection Name}\Packs\
  • DaisyTrail Digikit Collection 1,2,3,4,5: C:\Program Files\Serif\DaisyTrail\Scrapbook Digikits\Packs\
  • Graphic Authority Digikits: C:\Program Files\DaisyTrail\GraphicAuthority\Packs\

Note: These paths will only work if the Digikits have saved to the default location. If you have saved them to a different location, then these paths won't be able to find them. You can read about alternative methods of finding your Digikits here.