Troubleshooting - I can't select anything except my background!

Serif Software > CraftArtist
Applies to: CraftArtist 1 and above.

Problem: You may have accidentally selected the Background layer of your project, in the Layers tab (see below).

In CraftArtist, most users add Digikit content to layers, e.g. Layer 1, above the background layer. By default, you can only select Digikit items on the currently selected layer. As a result, if your Background layer is accidentally selected, you won't be able to select items on any other layer.

Resolution: Open the Layers tab and click to select Layer 1 (see below). This will mean that all of the content you have added to your project can be clicked and you are now able to manipulate items on your page. The layer that is selected in the Layers tab is the layer that you can work on.

Tip: To select any item on any layer, click  Edit All Layers on the Layers tab. This also includes the background so it's worth exercising caution!